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Island Series // Martinique 7" // Black cover

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+++Please note repress comes in plain black paper sleeve+++

The Sofrito Island series continues with a 7" single featuring two heavy-hitting 70s cadence rarities from Martinique.

A: Oulé Collé // Michel Bagoe
B: Hamsters Frappé // Les Hamsters

Michel Bagoe's classic "Oulé Collé" combines tough drums and bass with rhodes and saxophone for a well polished, jazzy Cadence excursion that nonetheless does the business on the dancefloor - an iron hand in a velvet glove.

The curiously-named Hamsters jump straight out of the starting blocks with a ferocious carnival-style Cadence that never fails to get things moving. Thumping bass, insistent drums and a heavy dose of Haitian-influenced guitars add up to sure-fire party starter.